The foundational values of our approach at CEC for Indigenous Engagement and Inclusion are equality and fairness. We understand that our company and our Indigenous partners possess differing individual strengths but that together we are stronger as a partnered whole. Upon these foundational values, we have constructed a four-pillar approach to engagement and inclusion.

  1. Proactive Engagement – We will engage positively and proactively. Our goal is to understand the perspective of our Indigenous partners on every project. We want to understand the cultural, social, environmental, and economic impact that projects may have. We want to work with partners that are informed, consulted and consenting.
  1. Economic Benefit – We will ensure that as our company benefits economically from a project our Indigenous partners do as well. The form or method by which that economic benefit is provided to our Indigenous partnership will be described and dictated to us via conversation with our Indigenous partners. We will not assume to know what is of greatest importance to our partner.
  1. Education, Training and Employment – In all opportunity we will make every effort to employ partner members. We will cause all sub-contractors to consider the same. At minimum we will work with our Indigenous partners to understand and identify employment barriers and reduce those barriers with targeted programming. We will ensure that training will be dictated by community need, not the needs of our company. Our commitment to this is evidenced by our ongoing contribution to the First Nations Capacity Fund.
  1. Capacity Growth – we are committed to strengthening each Indigenous community by way of member and business development. Our goal is to provide a service to our Indigenous partners, while teaching our partners how such a service is provided. Through guidance, training, mentorship and partnership we will provide opportunities for Indigenous peoples to be full partners in the economy.