Man Basket Fabrication

The Crew

CEC has a CWB certified team of welders/fabricators in our in-house fab-shop capable of designing, manufacturing, and repairing Man Baskets/Working Platforms, or any other lifting accessories you may need. We are qualified and have the expertise to make 2- or 4-person man baskets to meet all OHSA requirements and welding codes. We do the full scope of work from designing, and getting the drawings stamped by an engineer, to welding, painting, and all required inspections. Our engineered stamped designs are for cranes but can be customized to meet any basket needs including, but not limited to, forklifts and tele-handlers for various construction projects.

The Solution

Man baskets are an essential unit for our company to help hoist our workers safely into elevated areas without the use of lifts, ladders or scaffolding. We have used man baskets with our cranes to access hard to reach areas where scaffolding would not be convenient or practicable such as under bridges to do repairs, to get to tall trees causing obstructions in the way of our cranes, during pile driving operations to assist in pipe/sheet connections and much more. We’ve designed and fabricated multiple 2-person man baskets for internal projects as well as built to order projects for clients.