Moving an Eagle’s Nest in Kanaka Bar


This was a fun and unique job for CEC! Back in February of 2022, Extreme Excavating had a job in Kanaka Bar that required them to remove some trees in order to complete the works. The only problem was that one of the trees was home to a giant eagle’s nest. A new post with a platform was built imitating a tree to be the new resting place for the nest, but eagle’s nests are challenging to relocate. In addition to their heavy weight and size, eagles and their habitats are federally protected so moving a nest takes a lot of planning and effort. With the help of our crane, and under the supervision of an environmental ornithologist, we were able to move this bird of prey’s home securely to the new platform. This lift had the attention of many members of the town and Kanaka Bar Indian Band, including the Chief, who came to witness the move and held a ceremony for the nest and eagle. The nest was approximately 8 feet wide and a whopping 500 pounds!