Pile Driving Leads & Hammers

The Challenge

In February 2020, when the opportunity came up for us to perform the pile driving for KLL Construction for the Clapperton Bridge, we couldn’t turn it down. We had the crane and expertise to do the job, all we needed was the equipment to drive the piles into the ground. This challenge was quickly solved as our team of masterminds put their heads together and designed our next internal fabrication project.

The Solution

In order to execute the pile driving for Clapperton Bridge, we need to develop the pile leads and drop hammer. The hammer is truly a work of art as we designed it to have a two-part configuration which can be used as a 6,450lb hammer or a 12,700lb hammer. The hammer cushion is made out of Purple Heart hardwood intricately pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.

This equipment is now an integral component to all of our pile driving operations.