Second Canyon Box Culvert Remediation


When the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure identified a significant failure of the Second Canyon Box Culvert in August, CEC immediately teamed up with Argo Road Maintenance to work on a remedy before the start of the rainy and snowy season. When we arrived at the site, we saw two sections of a concrete box culvert and the headwall had been detached and slipped down the bank due to a major erosion issue. In order to hopefully recover and reuse the box culvert portion that had fallen down the slope, we had to carry out a “design as you go” type of project because of the extremely steep terrain with little space and vertical drop just beyond the culvert outflow. To facilitate a dry working environment for the repair, rebuild, and foundation upgrades we had to complete a full pump around diversion. Then an extremely steep access road had been opened to cut into the steep bank so that the excavators could dig out the large box culvert sections. Custom lifting brackets had to be engineered and installed and a 250ton crane was mobilized to hoist out the sections. Once the components were out the problems were more obvious. The team installed a number of 12” screw piles and support structures, then reinstalled the repaired box culvert sections, and then backfilled stage by stage.